Tascam MH-8 Headphone Amplifier

Tascam MH-8 Headphone Amplifier


The Tascam MH-8 is a rackmount headphone amplifier of high-quality that enables 8 listeners to monitor various sources. The 8 channels each have their own direct stereo input. Additionally, 2 stereo channels are available for sharing across all outputs. One input or a combination of inputs can be selected by each 1/4″ headphone output.

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The Tascam MH-8 is a rackmount headphone amplifier of high-quality that enables 8 listeners to monitor multiple sources. Nothing tops the MH-8 headphone amp for the most routing versatility and power for studio, stage, and installation. There are three sources that may be switched between, and each of the eight stereo outputs receives 250mW per side. Individual stereo direct inputs are provided for each of the eight channels, and two stereo inputs can be shared to any of the outputs. Any one of these inputs, or a combination of many, can be chosen via a headphone out. You may connect additional MH-8s to a system using the foldback outputs.

The stereo inputs on the MH-8 accommodate a variety of input sources. INPUT1 is supplied with XLR balanced and TRS balanced inputs, while INPUT2 is furnished with XLR balanced and RCA-pin unbalanced inputs. DIRECT INPUT from each headphone is equipped with TRS balanced inputs. The input jacks are also compatible with in-store video systems, facility audio systems, and monitoring systems for recording studios.


Tascam MH-8 has rackmount design for easy installation in any standard equipment rack

Direct stereo inputs on all 8 channels, plus 2 group stereo inputs

Each channel of Tascam MH-8 can select a direct source, group source, or combination of sources

Standard 1/4″ headphone jacks with 250mW + 250mW output

Each output channel of Tascam MH-8 has a level control, input selector switches, a mono switch, and LED indicators for signal and overload

4 TRS foldback outputs of Tascam MH-8 allow you to daisy-chain multiple units


Number of Channels: 8

Input Connectors:
16 x 1/4″ TRS Direct Inputs
4 x XLR Inputs
2 x 1/4″ Inputs
2 x RCA Inputs

Output Connectors:
8 x 1/4″ Stereo Headphone Outputs
4 x 1/4″ TRS Foldback Outputs

Maximum Output Level: 250mW + 250mW

Function Controls:
8 x Channel Level Controls
2 x Main Level Controls
8 x Mono Switches
8 x Sets of Input Selector Switches

Frequency Response: Not Specified by Manufacturer

Display: LED Indicators for Signal and Overload

Dimensions: Not Specified by Manufacturer

Weight: Not Specified by Manufacturer

Weight 12 lbs