AKG DMS100 Digital Wireless Handheld Vocal Microphone Set – Black

AKG DMS100 Digital Wireless Handheld Vocal Microphone Set – Black

The AKG DMS100 2.4 GHz Digital Handheld Wireless Microphone System features 24-bit/48 kHz uncompressed audio, AES 256-bit encryption, increased battery life, and is simple to set up and use. It can be utilized to offer wireless audio for live stage, boardroom, and rehearsal applications by vocalists, public speakers, and educators.
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The AKG DMS100 Digital Wireless Handle Vocal Microphone system for performers and presenters combines hallmark AKG sound quality and four channels of rock-solid, license-free 2.4GHz operating range.  It has improved security features, prolonged battery life, and maximum ease-of-use. The DMS100 is available in two configurations: a high-quality AKG handheld microphone or a bodypack. This listing is for the hand held microphone set.

The simplicity of the DMS100 system was considered during design. A helpful color-coded channel LED on the SR100 4-channel receiver makes it simpler than ever to identify your channels. The built-in adaptive channel selection automatically selects the most suitable channel. Additionally, you may connect up to four DMS100 units in a chain to wirelessly transform your complete wireless system.

AKG developed the HT100 microphone with its 70 years of experience in microphone engineering to offer uncompromised audio resolution and low latency. This handheld microphone delivers crystal clear 24-bit/48kHz audio resolution with a linear frequency response and an original AKG microphone capsule. It is ideal for live sound applications, including those on local stages and in places of worship. The set contains a microphone stand adaptor and runs on two AA batteries for your convenience.

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