Audix OM6 Vocal Microphone

Audix OM6 Vocal Microphone



dynamic mic with extremely wide frequency response
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Audix OM6  breaks every record in live performance criteria. Rich, full bodied vocal sound; unmatched clarity and detail; extended low end response; high SPL levels without distortion; low handling noise; superior offaxis rejection; maximum gain before feedback; and rock solid durability.


Dynamic mic with vocal-friendly presence peak
The Audix OM6 is a dynamic, hypercardioid, hand-held vocal mike. The OM6 uses Audix’s special VLM (very low mass) technology and employs a gently rising frequency response from 2-10kHz. The Audix OM6 microphone has a response very much like a condenser and is very responsive to transients and harmonics.

A real "singer’s microphone"
The OM6 is a singer’s microphone. If you need a microphone with a midrange boost this is not going to help you. If you’re not looking for coloration but would appreciate a tight pickup pattern the OM6 is for you. Crosby,Stills, and Nash used the OM6 to deliver their trademark vocal sound. If you want to get the ultimate vocal blend on stage, you can’t beat the OM6.


Audix OM6 hand-held dynamic mic

Hypercardioid pattern

144dB SPL

Audix OM6 has proprietary anti-feedback design

Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille

Black E-coat finish

Less strain to be heard above the band

Gold-plated contacts

VLM very low mass diaphragm

Reduced phase shift

Superior transient response

Pouch and clip included

Application specific vocal microphone

Individually tested and hand assembled

Highest levels of gain before feedback

Exceptional off-axis rejection

Built to last a lifetime

Made with pride in the U.S.A.

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