Boss GEB-7 7-Band Bass EQ Pedal

Boss GEB-7 7-Band Bass EQ Pedal


The BOSS GEB-7 is a seven-band bass equalizer designed primarily for electric guitars. It includes seven sliders, three of which cover the vital midrange (400Hz, 500Hz, and 800Hz), where the bass sound's characteristics are defined.

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The BOSS GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal is a seven-band equalizer designed primarily for electric bass frequencies. Each slider boosts or reduces the volume across a 15dB range, giving you a wide range of tone-shaping options. The frequency range of the GEB-7 Bass EQ Pedal extends down to 50Hz, making it ideal for adding depth and bottom end to acoustic guitars.

BOSS has built the best pedals by adhering to these key principles from the start: durable aluminum die-cast bodies, thorough QA testing, FET switches to eliminate the clicking noise of traditional mechanical switches, non-slip rubber bases, easy-to-install battery compartments, LED indicators and both battery and AC power. BOSS pedals feature only the highest-quality components and circuitry. These pedals are meant to sound amazing and take a beating, so no corners are taken or compromises are made. We here at GigaSonic believe that the BOSS GEB-7 Bass Equalizer lives up to these principles.

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