Zoom F2-BT Digital Multitrack Recorder

Zoom F2-BT Digital Multitrack Recorder

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Zoom F2-BT is a lightweight, compact audio recorder with Bluetooth Control. With the included LMF-2 lavalier microphone, the F2-BT can capture 32-bit/44.1kHz recordings. It features automatic gain adjustment, which works to keep your levels even throughout the entire recording process. The handy Record Hold function deactivates the buttons while in use, preventing any accidental parameter changes. The F2-BT records to microSD and SDHC cards; it also has a USB-C connector, so you can use the F2 Editor software to set the unit up and adjust its settings. The F2-BT’s Bluetooth control and F2 Control companion app enable you to change your settings and remote control. The F2-BT also features wireless timecode synchronization and a high-precision internal clock (±3ppm) to help you keep your audio and video synced perfectly.


Lightweight, compact design sits securely on your belt or unobtrusively in a pocket

32-bit/44.1kHz audio resolution captures excellent audio quality for podcast, content creation, and video applications

LMF-2 lav microphone provides excellent vocal pickup

Bluetooth connectivity and the F2 Control app let you change parameters wirelessly

USB-C connector enables control via the F2 Editor software

80Hz low-cut filter eliminates unusable rumble

Runs on 2 AAA batteries (14+ hours of operation)

Includes accessories

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