BOSS SL-2 Slicer Pattern Processing Pedal

BOSS SL-2 Slicer Pattern Processing Pedal

The BOSS SL-2 Slicer Pedal is the perfect solution for creating unique, rhythmic effects with your guitar. This pedal quickly and easily slices up your guitar signal into eight separate slices, allowing you to manipulate and rearrange them in real-time. Easily create complex rhythms and patterns with the SL-2. With its intuitive design and simple controls, making music with the BOSS SL-2 Slicer Pedal is a breeze. Experience the power of sound sculpting today!
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The BOSS SL2 offers an improved experience from its predecessor, the SL20 Slicer, in a more compact, pedalboardfriendly format. With 88 onboard patterns and hundreds more available through the BOSS Tone Studio app, it‘s easy to customize your sound. Onthefly audio slicing and tap tempo and MIDI synchronization make for a fun and intuitive way to craft your music. Whether you‘re a guitarist, keyboardist, loop performer, DJ, beatmaker, or anything else, the SL2 brings a whole new level of musical possibilities.

The BOSS SL2 slicer pedal is a musthave for guitarists of all skill levels. This powerful pedal offers an array of creative and innovative ways to manipulate your guitar sound. With the SL2, you can create your own unique rhythms by slicing and dicing your guitar signal into rhythmic patterns. You can also add effects to your signal such as delay, reverb, chorus and more.

The BOSS SL2 slicer pedal is the ideal tool for creating unique and dynamic guitar sounds. With its advanced slicing and effects capabilities, this pedal offers endless opportunities for creative expression. The pedal‘s intuitive design makes it easy to use, with a simple knob layout that can be used to adjust the tempo, volume, and effects for any given part of the signal.

The Slicer even sports an expanded and dynamic workflow, with support for up to two external footswitches or expression pedals, a MIDI TRS input for clock sync and CC control, and compatibility with the BOSS Tone Studio App via USB for hundreds of alternative slicing patterns.

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  • BOSS SL-2 Slicer Pattern Processing Pedal
  • 9V Battery

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