Soundcraft Ui12 12-input Remote-controlled Digital Mixer with Wi-Fi

Soundcraft Ui12 12-input Remote-controlled Digital Mixer with Wi-Fi

The Soundcraft Ui12 digital mixer is a 12-channel wireless mixer designed for musicians. It has a plethora of features and powerful wireless control options at a reasonable price. Each channel includes a 4-band EQ, compressor, and de-esser, as well as access to award-winning Lexicon and dbx signal processing.
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The Soundcraft Ui12 Remote-Controlled Digital Mixer packs a complete digital mixing system into a compact, road-rugged 12-input stagebox format.  This system includes integrated Wi-Fi and the capacity to be managed by any connected device via a common web browser – no Apps, no OS constraints, and no limitations on how or where you mix.

The Wi-Fi is built into Soundcraft’s portable and compact Ui12 digital mixer. This mixer eliminates the need for a router or other specialized device. It can be controlled by any device that can connect to Wi-Fi and has a browser. That’s right, no apps, no worrying about OS issues, just connect to the mixer and take control. Use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. The Soundcraft Ui12 can connect up to ten devices at once, allowing the band to control their own mixes and volumes. The software on the Ui12 allows for full input and output processing on each channel.

The Ui12 has built in Lexicon effects, dbx signal processing, and DigiTech amp/stompbox modeling. Tweak the parameters for each effect to your exact specifications. Three dedicated effects buses are provided, each with award-winning Lexicon effects such as reverbs, delays, and chorus. Each channel includes built-in dbx compression, de-essing, and noise gating, as well as a powerful real-time frequency analyzer (RTA). The two hi-Z inputs feature DigiTech’s amp and stompbox modeling with tons of amp, cabinet, and effects choices.

An ethernet port is also included so you can have the flexibility to direct connect to the UI12.


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