BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor (White)

BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor (White)


BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer Effects Processor is a compact vocal effects processor that has easy one-touch operation, six types of vocals effects and on board vocal looper.

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The BOSS VE-5 Vocal Performer is a personal effects processor and looper for vocalists that is small and portable. The BOSS VE-5 is ideal for singers, rappers, beatboxers, webcasters and anybody who wants to experiment with voice processing. Its physical design is compact and light, but its effects, which are taken from the famous VE-20 Vocal Performer, are heavyweight class. This vocal processor is also a great instrument for street performers who wish to add a creative layer to their show, thanks to its battery operation and built-in phrase looping.

The BOSS VE-5 includes the VE-20’s six types of high-quality effects and various custom processing. Smooth Reverb or Delay may be used to enhance your voice, while the Dynamics tool can be used to manage the levels. Use the Double/Harmonizer to thicken your voice, and Pitch Remedy to correct intonation issues. For distinctive and striking special effects, use the onboard Distortion, Radio, and Strobe. You can also make classic pitch-correct / hard-tune effects with the BOSS VE-5, which are used in a lot of recent hip-hop and pop songs.

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