Manley Gold Reference Multi-Pattern Microphone (Mono)

Manley Gold Reference Multi-Pattern Microphone (Mono)

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Manley Gold Reference Microphone (Mono) gives you a wide frequency response and accurate transient performance without coloration or any perceivable sonic signature. Its designed application is to capture truly accurate musical recordings. The Gold Reference features a 1″ gold sputtered diaphragm that is 5 microns thick and has the ability to withstand sound pressure levels up to 150 dB. The open weave stainless-steel grill allows the capsule to capture signals with zero-loss acoustical transmission, which translates to less dampening of high frequency content.

The electronics of the Gold Reference include two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. The dual-triode 12AT7 tube is easily obtainable and was chosen for its high gain and low noise properties. The audio signal and power connect from the microphone to the filtered B+ power supply via single 30′ 6-pin XLR cable. The audio output exits the power supply via 3-pin XLR through a custom-wound output transformer, which employs nickel laminations and “hum-bucking” bifilar windings, all encased in mu-metal. The continuously variable multi-pattern control offers Omni, Cardioid, and Figure 8 patterns with the ability to dial in a desired proximity effect.

The mic’s body is machined from brass, which provides excellent shielding properties. The casing is polished to high luster and plated with 24 karat gold. The proprietary suspension system is attached directly to the casing, while the capsule itself is mounted to a neoprene-rubber shock-mount to prevent unwanted vibrations from being picked up by the diaphragm. Handmade in the USA, the Gold Reference ships with a leather capsule cover, locking carrying case, and IEC power cable.


1.0″ diaphragm

Open weave stainless-steel grille for zero-loss acoustical transmission

Neoprene-rubber shockmount

All Tube Design with 12AT7 dual triode

-10 dB pad

150 dB maximum SPL

Power Supply: Filtered B+, regulated heater voltages

30′ 6-pin XLR power cable

Hand-wound output transformer with nickel laminations and mu-metal casing

Precision suspension system

Leather capsule protector

Locking carrying case


Diaphragm: 1.0″ (25.40 mm)

Tube: Yes

Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Figure 8, Omnidirectional

Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 30 kHz

Maximum SPL: 150 dB SPL

Impedance: 200 ohms

Sensitivity: 17 mV/PA

Power Requirements: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Pad: Yes, 10 dB

Output Connectors: 3-Pin XLR

Operating Current Consumption: 70 mA

Length: 9.7″ (246.38 mm)

Diameter: 4.5″ (114.30 mm)

Weight: 2.25 lb (1.02 kg)

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