Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo Passive Direct Box Pair (2)

Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo Passive Direct Box Pair (2)


The Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo DI Direct Box is a passive direct box with a wide frequency response. Electronic circuits are used in active direct boxes to adjust the impedance from hi-Z to lo-Z and balance the signal. The Passive DI box is powered by a simple passive transformer. Direct boxes fitted with passive transformers do not require any electricity to function.

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The Radial Engineering ProD2 Stereo Passive Direct Box comes with two independent channels, each having its own inputs and throughputs for the performer’s stage amp and two completely separated outputs for the PA system. The ProD2 has specially designed audio transformers that offer excellent signal handling without saturating the sound.

What’s more, the ProD2’s proprietary transformers display incredibly low phase distortion in the crucial bass and midrange frequencies. To completely remove ground loops that cause hum and noise while retaining signal integrity, the ProD2’s transformer offers 100 percent isolation. Additionally, the ProD2’s interior has a military-spec PC board with a complete surface ground plane to lessen sensitivity to RF noise, separated XLR connections to prevent chassis ground potential and so on. Excellent clarity and definition are the end product, and the cost is reasonable.

The Radial Engineering ProD2 is constructed to withstand the demands of professional touring. It is difficult for outside stress to bend the delicate PC board and cause an early solder junction failure thanks to the 14-gauge steel extremely strong i-beam skeleton structure. The novel book-end design makes a protective zone around the connectors and switches, extending lifespan even more. Additionally, a complete bottom no-slip pad offers mechanical and electrical insulation to further minimize the possibility of noise.

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