Roland FR-1x Piano type V-Accordion Black

Roland FR-1x Piano type V-Accordion Black

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Roland FR-1x V-Accordion provides both flexibility and portability with added USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. With new-generation speakers onboard and an expanded 7-segment/3-character display, the FR-1x sets a powerful standard for a small lightweight accordion.

The battery power and onboard speakers of the FR-1x make it ideal for the musician on the go. The FR-1X fits in the overhead storage compartment on most commercial airplanes, thanks to its compact size. You can enjoy instant, high-quality sound from the onboard speakers or play privately with your own headphones. Access over a dozen different accordion sounds instantly. There are even orchestral instruments onboard, as well as virtual tone wheel organs with realistic rotary effects. The FR-1x also includes onboard manual drum/percussion sounds that can be played with the bass and chord buttons!


Diverse sound library
The Roland FR-1x is a diverse and utilitarian squeezebox. You have 16 accordion sets, four are used sets, to choose from and each set includes 14 treble registers, seven bass/chord registers, seven free bass registers, seven orchestra free bass registers, seven orchestra bass registers, and seven orchestra chord registers. Besides these great accordion sounds the FR-1x lets choose from a huge selection of organs, orchestral sounds, basses, and much more.

USB functionality
The V-Accordion’s USB functionality lets you play MP3 or WAV files from a USB drive making it easy to play along with backup tracks. Add new sounds to the FR-1x by simply loading new sounds via USB. Once you have created new tones that you want to save or share just upload them to a USB drive and take them with you.

Improved playability
Advanced bellow pressure circuitry gives the Roland FR-1x V-Accordion enhanced sensitivity and precision. The Bellow Resistant Regulator wheel lets you fine-tune the FR-1x. An expanded seven-segment/three-character display lets you select sounds and functions easier than ever. The FR-1x sounds better thanks to the built-in new-generation speakers.

Light weight and small size

26 keys and 72 buttons

16 accordion sets

USB connectivity

Effects: Chorus, Rotary, Reverb

128 note polyphony

MIDI out

Built-in effects

Headphone and output jacks

Available in black (model number: FR-1x BK)

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