Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic with MC-3 Sync Cables Bundle

Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic with MC-3 Sync Cables Bundle

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Teenage Engineering PO-32 Pocket Operator Tonic is small enough to fit in your pocket and powered by a pair of AAA batteries. With a collaboration with Magnus Lindström of Sonic Charges, the PO-32 Tonic is an analog drum synthesizer with 16 on-board sounds and limitless external timbres. Indeed, the product was developed by Magnus and Teenage Engineering to jam-pack the sound of Sonic Charge’s well-regarded Microtonic drum synthesizer into the pocket operator’s form factor, recreating the oscillators, envelopes, and filters from the original Microtonic plug-in.

With 16 on-board sounds and 16 tweakable effects, the PO-32 is not merely a replica of the Microtonic. Instead, you can actually create custom sounds in the Microtonic plug-in and transfer them from your computer to the PO-32 by means of its on-board, receptive microphone. Thus, you can take the sound of the software with you in a highly tweakable analog format. You can also share sounds you’ve tweaked with other users of the PO-32 in a similar manner as described above. Conversely, you can receive data from your friends’/collaborators’ PO-32.

Teenage Engineering MC-3 is a 3-pack of mini sync cables for use with the pocket-operator electronic synthesizers. It allows you to sync the pocket-operator models together to complement each other and work together


mic for transferring sounds

16 fully customizable sounds

16 punch-in effects

16 step sequencer

parameter locks

built-in speaker

3.5 mm audio I/O

jam sync

LCD display

folding stand

watch + alarm clock

battery powered (2 x AAA)

1 month battery life

pattern chaining, up to 64 patterns

compatible with microtonic vst/au


Power Requirements: 2x AAA batteries

Battery Life (approx.): 1 month

Standby Time: 2 years

Dimensions: Not specified by the manufacturer

Weight: Not specified by the manufacturer

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