Presonus DM-7 – Affordable Quality Drum Mic Set

Presonus DM-7 - Affordable Quality Drum Mic Set
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Have you ever gone searching for a drum mic set and said to yourself “Wow, everything is so expensive?”. They are tons of drum mic sets out there that will cost you a grip. Presonus said hey, wait a minute, we can make a quality drum mic set AND make it affordable. That’s what the DM-7 is all about. Affordable and quality.

Let’s start with what’s included”

  • (1) BD-1 cardioid dynamic microphone for kick drums and bass amps
  • (4) ST-4 cardioid dynamic microphones with an adjustable rim-mounts for toms, snare, guitar amps, and more
  • (2) OH-2 cardioid small-diaphragm condenser microphone with clips and foam windscreens for drum overheads, high hats, and more.
  • The right choice for multitrack recordings of acoustic drum kits, guitar and bass cabinets, acoustic instruments, ensembles, and more
  • Sold as a complete microphone set
  • Hardshell carrying case included

Every capsule you need is included. Great for recording or live applications. For beginners or mid-level customers, this is a great package.

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