BOSS RC-600 Loop Station Pedal

BOSS RC-600 Loop Station Pedal

The BOSS RC-600 Loop Station has six simultaneous stereo tracks at your disposal, 32-bit audio quality, nine assignable footswitches, three pedal modes, a wide range of FX, and even a rhythm machine, this advanced looper offers mic and line inputs, 32-bit audio quality, nine assignable footswitches and more. This pedal also features three pedal modes.
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For contemporary loop artists, the BOSS RC-600 Loop Station Pedal offers enormous creative potential. You have all the routing choices you could want onstage or in the studio with two mic inputs, two instrument inputs and three assignable stereo outputs. You won’t need many additional effects or processing steps when looping because the RC-600 has a wide range of onboard effects and class-leading 32-bit sound quality. The BOSS RC-600 Loop Station is equipped to combine with sophisticated live performance setups thanks to its extensive MIDI control capability.

The six tracks of the RC-600 can be used either in series or parallel to build intricate and dynamic creative frameworks. This pedal has both line and XLR mic inputs. The interface allows you to assign parameters to control track functionalities, FX, rhythms, tempo and other things. Even a single footswitch can do many tasks depending on whether you push, hold or double-click, offering a wide range of performance options in a compact design.

With 49 input and 53 track effects to pick from, the BOSS RC-600 has extensive onboard effect options to give a sophisticated degree of sound sculpting. The integrated mixer offers mic compression and EQ in addition to master compression and reverb, and you can employ up to four effects at once.

To fit your workflow, three overdub modes are available, one of which even lets you change the sound in a loop while it is playing. The Mack Back function improves the Undo/Redo capabilities by allowing you to rapidly leap back to a previously flagged loop state. The Bounce In function allows you to bounce numerous tracks to a single one, freeing up tracks for new loops. With half- and double-speed options, you can alter the tempo. If you’d prefer, you can even alter the pace without affecting the pitch.

Playing to a metronome won’t work with this kind of looping power. The BOSS RC-600, on the other hand, offers 16 distinct drum kits and more than 200 rhythm patterns, each with four variations, in a wide range of genres, including rock, pop, acoustic and more.

The BOSS RC-600 loop station pedal can be used as a tabletop looper or as a pedal. Available at Gigasonic, act fast before they are gone.

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  • BOSS RC-600 Loop Station
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