Roland SYSTEM-500 572 Modular Phase Shifter – Delay – LFO

Roland SYSTEM-500 572 Modular Phase Shifter – Delay – LFO


The Roland System-500 572 is a time-based multi-effects Eurorack module that has a LFO, a control voltage gate delay, an analog audio delay and a 5-stage phase shifter. While the audio delay gives independent control of delay time and resonance and produces effects similar to flange and chorus, the phase shifter offers settings for shift frequency and resonance.

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With the Roland System-500 572 module, you can give your Eurorack synthesizer setup whirling phase shifting, colorful delays and modulation possibilities. The delay section can range from shimmering chorusing to extended echoes, and the five-stage phase shifter can sound as subtle or extreme as you like. The built-in LFO and external CV from other Eurorack modules can influence the phase shifter and delay sections. The Roland System-500 572 module has a lot of creative possibilities because of the Gate Delay section to alter incoming gate signals.

Roland’s iconic System-100M modular synthesizer has been updated for Eurorack as the System-500 series of analog synthesizer modules. Roland’s System-500 series modules offer flexible modulation, piercing oscillators, fat-sounding filters and more at affordable rates, exactly like the System-100M. They can be used in conjunction with your current Eurorack setup, or you can get the Roland SYR-E84 and pack five System-500 modules inside it for a potent, all-analog synthesizer setup with a ton of creative patching options.

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Item Includes

  • Roland System-500 572
  • 4 x Eurorack Installation Screws
  • Eurorack Ribbon Power Cable

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